Why go camping?

Why go camping when you have a nice comfortable bed at home.?

Camping has changed since i was a kid. Used to be our shelter was a tarp strung between two trees. Cooking was by campfire only. And, if you planned to be out over a night or two you needed a mule to pack your gear.

Now we camp by RV and if we want to really get into the back country we can carry all the comforts of home on our back.

Still one thing hasn’t changed. Presenting a fly to a brown trout at dusk and watch deer come down to the stream to drink. Lying on my stomach with my son in the late evening twilight and watching beaver cut willows and store them for winter.

We have camped all over the western USA and Canada and pulled a camper trailer from the Pacific to the Atlantic and back.  We have gone placed and seen things that would have been impossible in any other way. Take the kids and go camping. It will change your view of the world and of your self.

There is one aspect of camping most people don’t think about. The skills you learn and the equipment and supplies you have will make survival after a natural disaster much easier. It is known as being resilient. We were living on the Oregon Coast when our area got hit by 120 mph winds. Power was off for over a week. We pulled water from the creek and lived in our camp trailer with barely any inconvenience.

Back then we called it “making do.” Today we call it “being resilient.” This site will help you enjoy camping with tips on everything from wilderness safety to how to recharge your electronics when off the grid. Whether you want to make a week end visit to a local lake and needcar camping equipment or you want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and need a choice of ultralight backpacking stoves, we try to have your back when you have a question or need equipment and supplies.