Be Prepared.

This site is about emergency survival preparedness.

But what are we preparing for? The answer is, “Whatever comes our way.” It could be that job with that great company you always wanted to work for. You have  prepared all you life to work for that company and your dream job just opened up. Be prepared to take advantage of the good things in life.

Know what you want to accomplish and plan the steps you have to take to reach your goal.

We also have to be prepared to manage the emergencies that inevitably crop up in our lives. Think about being prepared for the worst emergency that could happen to you. Its not much fun but very necessary.

In Hawaii, I have experienced two hurricanes in the last 50 years. Our forcast is for more frequent and more intense storms. Other than a nuclear attack from North Korea, I figure a hurricane will be the most devastating thing I need to prepare for.Iʻm planning to be prepared for a hurricane. I cannot build and stock a bomb shelter, but I can stock the food, water, medicine and camping equipment I need to take care of my family for a month.

If you live in tornado country, you really do need a root cellar or basement safe room where you can take shelter.

The risk we need to prepare for is made up of two things:

  1. What could happen
  2. How often a particular risk is likely to happen.

A 100 year storm will happen once every 100 years on average. That means there is a 1% chance of it happening in any given year.

It is up to you do decide what risks you need to prepare for. We will help you know how to be prepared personally, financially and within you community.